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How to treat psoriasis at home

In addition to treatment from doctors, there are several treatments that can be done to treat psoriasis at home. What are the steps for treating psoriasis? Check out the following review. Psoriasis is a skin disease that occurs due to chronic inflammation, where immune cells attack healthy skin cells. Due to frequent damage, the body then reacts by accelerating the growth of skin tissue. As a result, people with psoriasis will experience complaints in the form of the appearance of thick red scaly patches on the skin, dry skin, itching, to the pain or burning sensation on the skin. Psoriasis is an incurable disease and symptoms often recur (recurrent). So far, the cause of psoriasis is still not clearly known, but is thought to be related to autoimmune disorders, infections, side effects of drugs, to heredity. How to treat psoriasis at home The principle of psoriasis treatment is to reduce inflammation of the skin. This can be done with medication and treatment from a doctor. In
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Tips for Preparing Children to Return to School after Long Holiday

It is important for parents to prepare their children before returning to school after a long vacation. In addition to ensuring that children are physically and mentally ready, parents also need to pay attention to their school supplies so that the learning process runs smoothly. The holiday season is over, and now is the time for children to return to school. After a long holiday, finally the child and parents are confronted with the routine. By the first day the child returns to school, not a few parents who feel anxious. Tips for Preparing Kids Back to School to Keep Their Enthusiasm Learning Dont worry. Here are some tips that you can do to prepare your child for the first day of school with enthusiasm: 1. Ask your child's feelings about going back to school Most children may feel happy, excited, and enthusiastic when going back to school. However, not all children feel the same thing. You need to ask how your child feels and whether there are certain reasons that make

Prevent Digestive Disorders to Support the Growth and Development of Your Child

The health of the child's digestive system is closely related to growth and development. This is influenced by the absorption of nutrients needed for endurance and growth of your child. Therefore, for optimal growth and development, parents need to understand how to prevent digestive disorders of children. After birth, the baby's digestive system will continue to develop. The functions of the baby's body will try to start working independently, including in processing and absorbing the nutrients needed for activity, endurance, and growth and development. Various digestive disorders in children When Little is fussy, insomnia, cry more often than usual, vomit, and urinate frequently, it can be disturbed digestion. There are several types of digestive disorders that are often experienced by children, including: Bloated Complaints of flatulence are often found in children who have just started eating solid food or complementary foods for breast milk. This condition